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Brynjar Leifsson - guitars/keys
Kristoffer Lo - guitars/keys/horns/bass/vocals
Tomas Järmyr - drums
TrondheimSolosist - 16-piece string orchestra

SLOWSHIFT is the kind of band that reminds you why you fell in love with music in the first place. Made up of Kristoffer Lo (x-Highasakite, Trondheim Jazz Orchestra), Brynjar Leifsson (Of Monsters and Men), Tomas Järmyr (x-Motorpsycho, Årabrot), and TrondheimSoloists (16-piece string orchestra), their sound is a stunning blend of big, dramatic, energetic, and melodic elements.

With Brynjar's guitar riffs soaring over Kristoffer's compositions and Tomas’s explosive drums, SLOWSHIFT has crafted a sound that's both cinematic and intimate. They're equally at home with sweeping strings as they are with jagged, angular rock riffs.

Dirk Serries - guitars
Kristoffer Lo - tuba/flugabone/fx
Tomas Järmyr - drums
When putting three fine exponents of modern, forward-thinking and experimental music in the same room, the hope is that something a little special is going to be the result. Yodok III are exactly that, all three recognisable by their contribution and yet forced to go beyond that by the other two. Yodok III is primarily a study in avantgarde, but elements of genres as diverse as jazz, (post)rock and even classical can be heard playing their part in this mind-bending tapestry.
Yodok III (LP, Tonefloat’s New Wave Of Jazz 2014)
The Sky Flashes, The Great Sea Yearns (2xLP, Tonefloat’s New Wave Of Jazz 2015)
Live At Dokkhuset – Trondheim (Norway) 28/10/13 (cassette, Tonefloat’s New Wave Of Jazz 2015)
Live At De Singer – Rijkevorsel (Belgium) 13/06/14 (cassette, Tonefloat’s New Wave Of Jazz 2015) 
Legion Of Radiance - Live At Dokkhuset (CD, Consouling Sounds 2016) Yodok III/The Sky Flashes, The Great Sea Yearns (3CD, Tonefloat 2016) 
The Mountain Of Void – Live At Roadburn 2016 (LP & CD, Tonefloat 2016) This Earth We Walk Upon (CD, Consouling Sounds 2019)





Trond Frønes - bass

Kristoffer Lo - tuba/flugabone/fx

Tomas Järmyr - drums

Sunswitch is Kristoffer Lo, Trond Frønes and Tomas Järmyr. Together they have created a three-headed monster that's impossibly impressive. To make things clear: Sunswitch will never be mainstream favourites, but they deserve their reputation as one of the most uncompromising, cacophonous and unique bands out there.

Inspired by sounds such as Sunn O)), Sleep, Earth and Noxagt, Sunswitch will blow you away with their dark post-apocalyptic esthetics and sounds. With a total lack of respect Sunswitch will submerge you into a dark world that'll frighten, overwhelm and ultimately embrace you within itself.


Sunswitch - Totality (Crispin Glover Records, 2018)

Sunswitch - Sunswitch (Riot Factory, 2012)






Tomas Järmyr - drums

Kristoffer Lo - tuba/flugabone/fx

YODOK was formed in 2008 and is based upon the duo of swedish drummer Tomas Järmyr and norwegian tuba player Kristoffer Lo. The duo started out playing modern free jazz but the addition of bigger drums, more electronics and bigger amps changed the sound and dynamic range dramatically. Though it ́s still improvised music, the inspiration now came from doom, noise, sludge and drone music, and bands such as SUNN O))), Cult of Luna, Earth and Fear Falls Burning had a great impact on the evolvement of Yodok.


YODOK - I (the Perfect Hoax, 2012)

YODOK - II (the Perfect Hoax, 2013)

YODOK - IIII (Substrata, 2015)



Ingrid Helene Haavik - vocals/zither/steel drum

Marte Maaland Eberson - synths/vocals

Øystein Skar - synths/percussion/vocals

Kristoffer Lo - guitar/flugabone/percussion/vocals

Trond Berus - drums/vocals


Highasakite - Camp Echo (Propeller Recordings, 2016)

Highasakite - Silent Treatment (Propeller Recordings, 2014)

Highasakite - All That Floats Will Rain (Riot Factory, 2012)

Highasakite - In and Out of Weeks EP (Proppeller Recordings, 2013)



Ine Hoem - vocals/synth/fx

Kristoffer Lo - tuba/flugabone/fx

Trond Bersu - drums

Pelbo is violent and sophisticated tubas, exploding drums and sensational vocals; loopstations, fuzz pedals and hypnotizing beats - played by an extremely talented and uniquely exciting young Norwegian trio.

Since Pelbo released their debut album in March 2010, things have only gone one way. Over 2500 cd's sold, sold out shows all over Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, tours in Germany, concerts in Malaysia and much more in a year culminating with PELBOs debut album being nominated for the Norwegian Grammys.


Pelbo - Pelbo (RhinoProd Recordings, 2010)

Pelbo - Days of Transcendence (Riot Factory, 2011)

Trondheim Jazz Orchestra & Kristoffer Lo    Album: Savages (Propeller Rec, 2015)


Kristoffer Lo - tuba/flugabone/guitar/vocals/music


Ingrid Helene Håvik - vocals/harmonium

Kari Eskild Havenstrøm - vocals

Ola Kvernberg - violin/viola/fx

Petter Vågan - guitar/lap steel/vocals

Eirik Hegdal - saxophones/clarinets

André Roligheten - saxophones/clarinets

Mette Rasmussen - alto saxophone

Eivind Lønning - trumpet/mellophone

Erik Johannessen - trombone/vocals

Gard Nilssen - drums/fx

Pekka Stokke - visuals

Tor Breivik - sound design


​Robin Hayward - microtonal F-tuba

Martin Taxt - microtonal C-tuba

Kristoffer Lo - microtonal C-tuba


Consisting of three improvising tuba players, microtub explores the potential of group tuba music beyond the standard format of the tuba quartet. With a focus on microtonality and timbral investigation, it draws on both the compositional and improvisational skills of its members to make an intense and memorable music.


Hayward/Taxt/Lo - microtub (SOFA MUSIC, 2011)

microtub - Star System (SOFA MUSIC, 2014)

Albatrosh                                                          Album: TJO & Albatrosh - Three House (MNJ Records)
André Roligheten - saxophones & bass clarinet

Eyolf Dale - piano

Trondheim Jazz Orchestra
Hayden Powell - trumpet
Eivind Lønning – trumpet
Hild Sofie Tafjord – french horn

Erik Johannessen - trombone
Kristoffer Lo - tuba
Eirik Hegdal – saxophone & clarinet
Sissel Vera Pettersen – vocals & saxophone
Morten Barrikmo - bass clarinet & contrabass clarinet
Mats Eilertsen – double bass
Tor Haugerud – drums

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